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The Mānoa Disaster Preparedness Team, now the Be Ready Mānoa Team, began meeting in November 2013 on a weekly basis in order to more cohesively address disaster preparedness in Mānoa. We are a group of volunteers with representatives from the Mānoa Neighborhood Board, Mālama Mānoa, the Mānoa Neighborhood Security Watch, local businesses, faith-based organizations, local elected officials, and other community organizations. Group members are organized into committees and conduct research independently, outside of weekly meetings.  Our working committees include: 1) Resources and Communication; 2) Community Outreach and Education; 3) Mass Care and Sheltering; 4) Neighborhood Security Watch Expansion and Coordination; 5) Outreach to First Responders, Businesses, and Governmental Entities; and 6) Disaster Preparedness Training.

The Be Ready Mānoa Team will continue to meet regularly in pursuit of making Mānoa an “all-hazards” resilient community; to be able to sustain ourselves for up to seven days before outside assistance arrives; and, to recover to pre-disaster normality as quickly as possible.  The Team will also pursue collaboration with and recognition from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), State Civil Defense, City and County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) as the main disaster preparedness organization for Mānoa.  Another major objective for Team is to encourage as many residents as possible to seek Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training as offered by the DEM as well as first aid and other disaster preparedness training as offered by the Red Cross and other organizations.


The Be Ready Mānoa Team

Pictured in the Back Row (Left to Right):  Rudy de Vre’, Gary Andersen, Jim Harwood, and Tom Heinrich, Fred Fortin

Pictured in the Front Row (Left to Right):  Hector Venegas, Stephen Itoga, Representative Isaac Choy, Ellen Watson, Raleigh Ferdun, Helen Nakano, Jim Baker, and Gregg Nakano.



Be Ready Manoa is an unincorporated association of community members.  It is not a tax exempt organization as defined in the Internal Revenue Code.  All revenues derived by this organization will be considered will be considered taxable income and contributions to this organization is not tax deductible as a charitable donation.