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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a corps of trained individuals who would activate themselves immediately after a disaster to assist their families, neighbors, and communities until first responders can reach an affected area. Imagine if a major hurricane devastated Oahu, similar to what happened with Iniki on the island of Kauai, where it took weeks for first responders to help residents because there was so much damage island wide.

Be Ready Manoa is in need of trained volunteers who would be part of a team that would deploy and fulfill urgent needs of our community until we can get support from first responders. CERT functions include damage assessment, warnings and notifications, evacuation, identification and assistance to those with access and functional needs, emergency triage and first aid, search and rescue, suppressing small fires, and emergency utility control. Our valley has approximately 20,000 residents so we need a lot of trained volunteers to provide support in the aftermath of a major disaster. CERT training is provided by the Department of Emergency Management and consists of 16 classroom hours and a 4 hour field exercise to test your skills.

• Be Ready Manoa sponsors classes held in our valley whenever possible for the convenience of our residents. Please check the ‘Upcoming Events’ listings on the home page for the next classes to be held in Manoa.

• The other option is to attend classes that are held regularly in the City Emergency Operations Center in the basement of the Frank Fasi Municipal Building. Please access the following link for those class dates and times: Public CERT training schedule

Our goal is have as many residents as possible trained so that they are aware and prepared, and it is even better if they are willing to respond to the community needs in a major disaster.

In order to find out about up-coming CERT classes email 

Please help Manoa to Be Ready!