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Get Ready Honolulu

We here at Be Ready Manoa are not the only ones thinking about how to prepare for a man-made or natural disaster.  Other neighborhoods such as Ewa Beach, Kailua, Hauula, and Waimanalo to name a few also have major preparedness efforts well underway.  However, those named are coastal communities with the unique challenges of those living near the ocean.  As far as we know, Manoa is the only urban community to develop a disaster preparedness plan and to begin community outreach to educate residents about how  to prepare.

However, there are others who are thinking about the various disasters which could strike Honolulu.  In October 2013, Honolulu Magazine ran a series of articles on what could happen in Honolulu and how to prepare.  One statement in the introduction to that series sums up why all Honolulu residents should be concerned:

….Honolulu is literally the most isolated city in the world. When the Big One comes, there will be nowhere to run. And help may be a long time coming.

Honolulu Magazine, October 2013

The series goes on to discuss some worst case scenarios for Honolulu as  well as some tips on how to prepare and what an emergency seven day  food supply for two people might look like.

For those interested, there is an enormous amount of preparedness information available on the web from FEMA, The State Department of Emergency Management, The City & County Department of Emergency Management and our own web site.


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